Engagement blanket

Engagement blanket

My sister is engaged! They haven’t set a date yet, so I had plenty of time to make them a blanket. Jason said A-L’s favorite color is red, and A-L said Jason’s favorite color is blue, so Tom and I went to Jo Ann to look for a variegated yarn that used both red and blue. Tom, being a yarn shopper extraordinaire, found the Backgammon color (1050-20) from Premier Yarn’s Puzzle collection. It’s a 100% acrylic yarn that can be washed on cold and tumble dryed – perfect for a cozy blanket.

Crocheting and snuggling.

The final dimensions are 75.5″ long by about 55″ wide. The side where I started (by the kettlebells in the below photo) is 53.5″ and the side where I ended is 56.5.” Here’s the finished product:

Entire blanket, from above.

This is another simple corner-to-corner blanket, like LuAnn’s blanket, Mark’s hat, and my throw.

Close-up on the stitches.

I used a size G (4.0mm) hook so the stitches are smaller and denser than on the other C2C blankets I’ve made. There are 138 “beans” along the length and (by chance!) exactly 100 “beans” along the width.


A dense blanket means a LOT of yarn. I ended up using just over 15 skeins. Each skein is 328 yards (300 meters), or 7 oz. (200g). I started working on the blanket in January 2018 and finished it in early May. Working with variegated yarn was nice – even though it’s colorful, I didn’t have too many ends to weave in when I was done!

Diagonal stripes!

This is by far the biggest blanket I have made, both by size and weight. It was pretty unwieldy to work with as I got close to the end. It also accumulated so much animal fur that I had to put it through the wash/dryer twice before it was presentable. I hope A-L and Jason will enjoy it!

Folded blanket.