Robert's blanket

Robert’s blanket

My neighbor, Robert, had heart surgery in September 2016. I decided to make him a blanket to use while he recovered. Unfortunately, it took longer than I’d hoped to make it. Here is the finished product!

View from above.

Robert’s wife, Pat, said that Robert’s favorite colors are ones that remind him of the beach, so Tom and I picked out ocean-related yarn at Hobby Lobby. We ended up with the following skeins of “I Love This Yarn!” yarn, listed in the order it was used (Antique Teal is the top row in the above photo):

  • Antique Teal #103
  • Light Taupe #797
  • Sea Blue #320
  • Mid Green #140
  • Brown #160
  • Stonewash #96

Close-up of the colors.

Next, I looked around for a simple seashell pattern, and landed on the Side Saddle stitch. I followed these video instructions from the Make & Do Crew.

Looks like seashells.

Using a G hook (4.25mm), I started with a foundation chain of 220 using Antique Teal. I used each color for five rows, and repeated the same color order as the blanket grew.

Mona approves.

The border was the trickiest. I chose three of the six colors and started with double crochets in every other stitch around the whole blanket. Then, I learned how to make shells. Each shell is six double crochets; corner shells are eight double crochets. I used the following pattern: 6 dc in one stitch, skip a stitch, 1 sc, skip a stitch, 6 dc, etc.

Seashell border and Mona paw.

I finished the border with single crochet stitches in the third color.

Close-up on the seashells stitches.

The finished product is about 66″ by 40.5″. I probably used about 1.75 skeins of each color. I still have a hard time keeping an even tension through a product; in this project, the blanket got wider as I got further from the foundation chain.