Messy bun hat

Messy bun hat

My sister asked me to make her a messy bun hat. She said either navy blue or brown would match her winter jacket. Fortunately, I had some heavy brown yarn in my stash, so it was an easy project to get started.

I’ve knitted hats but never crocheted them, so I was starting from the beginning. I tried following Mikey’s messy bun hat video (from the Crochet Crowd) but ended up with the beginnings of a tiny, misshapen hat:

So I frogged it and went back to YouTube in search of other tutorials. In the end, I mostly followed this pattern from All Crafts Channel, although I used the technique described in Knit and Crochet Ever After’s video to get started.

If I remember right, I chained 20 for the base, although I might have chained 24. I ended up using many more rows than the pattern suggests – there are a total of 22 rows of double crochet. That might be because I used the largest hook I had (J – 6.00mm), which was still smaller than what the pattern called for.

Here’s a photo of the work in progress:


I probably could have stopped there, but I decided to add a brim in case my sister’s head is longer than mine. Making it a little longer was also an easy way to use up all the brown yarn.

Finished product.

The seam is definitely obvious, but I don’t think it’s *too* obvious.

Hat seam.

And finally, a photo of the hat from above. I liked the technique I used to get the bun space started – it’s cleaner than stitching directly into a foundation chain.

Bun hole.