Purple Wedding Blanket

Purple Wedding Blanket

Over the summer, I had the honor of being Beth’s maid (matron) of honor! She and Ross had a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony (complete with feline hijinxs) followed by a cozy reception. Although I started working on their wedding gift in late March/early April, it was an ambitious undertaking, and I didn’t finish it until early September. Then I kept forgetting to wash it… Then once it was washed I kept forgetting to measure and photograph it… So it needed to be re-washed. Here are the results!


I followed this pattern from Lucy over at Attic24. I came across the pattern by Googling around for “crochet blanket” and looking at the image results for something that stood out. Her photographed instructions are excellent (I didn’t even need a video!). Thanks, Lucy!


The foundation is 198 chains. I used a G hook. The final product turned out to be 48″ x 75″, by far by biggest project yet. My second largest blanket was Sharon’s, at 41.5″ x 63″. To be fair, though, Sharon’s went a lot faster, since I used an I hook on hers.


The five colors used are:

  • Purple (#293) – the darkest purple, used on the outside of the border.
  • Amethyst (#292) – the lightish purple, which I also used for my first ever crochet project.
  • Hot Orchid (#111) – the pinkish purple, which looked far less pink when I picked it out at the store.
  • Orchid (#290) – the very light, almost grey, purple that’s interlocked with the darkest purple in the border.
  • Mulberry (#301) – the normal purple that’s the foundation of the border.

All the colors are from Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn!” series. I am fully aware that Hobby Lobby is a heinous organization that should be boycotted and I promise the only thing I buy there is yarn. Unfortunately, they’re the only craft store on this side of town, and they’re right next to the Kroger we shop at, which makes picking up yarn there just a little too convenient.


Each skein is 355 yards (or 199g). I used right around 2 skeins in every color. I ended up getting extra skeins of Purple, Mulberry, and Amethyst to finish the border, so I’m planning to use those in a baby blanket sometime this winter.


I followed Lucy’s pattern for the border and am happy with how it came out. It’s a little hard to see in these pictures, but there’s a row of single crochet in Amethyst between the Mulberry foundation and the interlocking Orchid and Purple around the outside. I was pleasantly surprised by how lacy the Purple edges turned out. Very simple and very pretty. My border is a lot wavier than Lucy’s (the long sides don’t lay flat) but I like it all the same.



Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, Beth and Ross!