Impromptu Baby Blanket

Impromptu Baby Blanket

After finishing Beth and Ross’s wedding blanket, I wanted a small, portable project I could whiz through. After poking around, I found a pattern I liked with instructions I could follow (bonus!).


I used scraps from Sharon’s blanket, although I ended up having to go back to Hobby Lobby for one more skein of dark blue and one more skein of light blue. I didn’t have a plan in mind when I started the blanket, but I ended up liking the striped pattern I made up.


The foundation is 125 chains. Each blue stripe is 6 rows; the orange stripes are 3 rows. I used a H hook. Final product is 36.5″ x 28″.


The border is a simple double-crochet.


This blanket took a little over two months from start to finish, but I’ve also been working on a few other projects in the meantime. Thanks to The Make & Do Crew for their tutorial!