My red friend

My red friend

I have a friend who likes the color red. Her coats are red. Her car is red. Her shirts are red. Her sweaters are red. Her nails are often red. Her glasses are red. So much red!

So when I was casting about (haha, knitting pun!) for a project to work on when I finished my grey blanket, and Tom suggested making a blanket for this friend, I had a difficult time landing on the right color. Yellow? No. Green? Not quite. Purple? Hmm. Finally, I decided on red, which seemed quite the best.


For this blanket I wanted to venture away from my well-established habit of corner-to-corner throws. I looked around on the internet for a chevron pattern. A lot of chevron patterns leave holes at the crests and troughs, which seemed to me like a toe-snagging disaster waiting to happen. I found this pattern via YouTube and decided to give it a try. The very, very detailed instructions in the video were reassuring for a beginner, and I liked being able to watch her work from the front and the top. (She got the pattern from Ravelry, where it’s still available for download.)


I started with a foundation chain of 156+3, which is what the pattern recommends for a crib size throw. At first I worked with my beloved H hook, but had a difficult time going through the top of such a tiny stitch (new skillz). Between that challenge and the instructions recommending an I hook, I switched, and did much better. The final size for this blanket is about 39.5″x63″, which seems more like an adult blanket than a crib blanket to me.


As usual, I used “I Love This Yarn!” from Hobby Lobby, the hate-mongering pro-life woman haters. The bright shade is called Red (#40); the medium shade is called Cranberry (#50); the dark shade is called Aubergine (#60). My foundation chain started with Aubergine and I planned to keep going until I ran out of yarn. I *thought* I had calculated correctly, but I ended up running out of the Aubergine one row too soon, so the Cranberry stepped in to finish up the blanket. All in all I used almost exactly 2 skeins of each color. Each skein is 355 yards (just over 2,000 yards total).


This was the first time I’d worked with changing colors. It was good practice learning how to switch, and then at the end, when I was finished with the crochet, <sarcasm>I was overjoyed to discover how much I enjoyed weaving in ends</sarcasm>. The above is a photo of the edge where I changed the colors. For some reason I only chained 2 instead of 3 when changing colors on this side. Fortunately, I don’t think the mistake is too noticeable.


I took this photo while I was working on the blanket. Shilo liked burrowing beneath it, and you can see Roark and Komodo curled up on “their” grey blanket at my feet. I started this one on January 19, before the grey blanket was done, because I wanted a break from the corner-to-corner pattern.


Once I finished the red blanket (the most grueling part, or course, was weaving in the ends), I folded it up and set it on the black office chair where Roark and Komodo like to snuggle. Immediately they abandoned all previously-held preference for the grey blanket in favor of the red. Can you see from the above photo how I had it folded? Fortunately for my friend, I washed the blanket before making her a gift of it.