It's mine!

It’s mine!

After the success of LuAnn’s blanket, I decided to up my ante and make a larger throw. Best to make myself the intended recipient, I determined, in order to remove any pressure of deadlines or good stitches. Also, I found a yarn that I really, really liked and wanted to keep for myself.


Shilo liked the yarn (and blanket), too.

The yarn is called Cloudy Sea (#408) from Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn!” line.


I expected to use 12 skeins but ended up only needing 11.5. Each skein was 252 yards, so I used just shy of 3,000 yards. I worked with an H hook.


In the end, the blanket turned out to be around 41″ wide by 62″ long. I started it around the holidays and finished in late January or early February. I didn’t have a plan for the size – I crocheted until the bottom seemed wide enough to cover my legs while curled up on the sofa, and then kept going until the length also seemed good.


This is a fun pattern because it looks so fancy while really it’s very simple. Also, it goes very quickly, because most of the stitches go into the big holes between the double crochets and chain threes. Towards the end, I was able to crochet without looking at my work.

Roark, Komodo, and Shilo.

Roark, Komodo, and Shilo.

When I finished, I put it on my bed (the blanket beneath it is my the first quilt I made as an adult, when I was home from work after a scary reaction to a Venofer infusion). The cats immediately claimed it for themselves and slept on it day and night, despite the trio of rowdy and inquisitive pups.

Jarrard, Shilo, Pleko, and Mona.

Jarrard, Shilo, Pleko, and Mona.

Once in a while the dogs were able to successfully displace some of the cats, though.