Meals, updated

I posted a summary of my calorie sources a few days ago. I made the list because I kept getting sick and wanted to have a list of “safe” snacks and meals I could pick from when I felt hungry instead of feeling helpless and overwhelmed. This week I was sicker than I’ve been in a while. I skipped my Wednesday run due to stomach pain. Intense stomach pain. I described the pain to a friend as “a firey ball of dull razor blades sitting like a kettlebell in my lower right stomach.” The pain was so intense that, although I tried not to, I curled up in my office and cried. I couldn’t get warm; I was intensely nauseous; I had a headache; it was hard to stay awake; and I kept seeing (and continue to see) flashes of colored light that aren’t actually there.

At first I suspected the chicken sausage I’d introduced, because immediately after eating one for breakfast on Wednesday morning the right side of my abdomen hurt like a column of flame. The pain was worse after having my banana protein smoothie, though, so I started suspecting the banana. Or the maple syrup. Or the hemp protein. Later in the afternoon Tom helped me troubleshoot. I looked back through the entries in MyFitnessPal and noticed that every day I was over on sugar. So we looked at each of the foods I eat for sugar content. Most were in the 5-15g range EXCEPT for the C12 Recovery powder – that was at 31g!

I reflected that sometimes I feel nauseous after eating C12, but I’ve been assuming the nausea is from eating after exercising. When I looked back at my food journal, though, I noticed a pattern. I would exercise for a few days, then feel too sick to work out. I’d take some time off to rest and recover, and then return to working out. The pattern would begin again. It *could* be from training too hard, but I was training just as hard earlier in the year and didn’t have that problem. So, for now, I’m going to see what happens without the C12 powder. This morning after running I drank some hemp protein powder dissolved in hot water and so far am feeling fine.

My guess is that either one of the ingredients in the C12 powder isn’t FODMAP-safe or I was simply ingesting too much sugar. That doesn’t explain why I used to be able to eat a bag of marshmallows a day and not get sick, unless the sugar in the marshmallows was a different kind of sugar. But, if that’s the case, it would explain why the strawberry licorice I loved was OK until suddenly it wasn’t – too much sugar. Also, it seems that after eating a food that makes me sick, subsequent foods exacerbate the pain, leading me to blame the wrong foods (sausage, bananas) for my reaction. It just gets more and more confusing.

Current calories, revised:


  • 1 banana per sitting, 2 bananas per day — will re-evaluate this soon.