Yarn Projects

Yarn Projects

I recently finished two yarn projects.

The first, a shawl to donate to the local Alzheimer’s Resource Center, was inspired by my friend Jo. I hadn’t knit in years, and have only rudimentary knitting skills, but she was exceptionally kind and said a simple garter stitch would be just fine.


The pattern she gave me was for a 20″ by 60″ rectangle. I cast on 100 stitches and ended up with a 21″ wide project. (And, amazingly, still had 100 stitches on my needles when I cast off!)


I used 5 skeins, or 1,255 yards, of the color Pasha (#4002) from “I Love This Yarn!”


Although the yarn packaging suggested using size 8 needles, after consulting a stranger who was also shopping for yarn at Hobby Lobby, as well as the cashier, I used size 9. The final length was 55 inches – a little short, but I didn’t want to dip into a sixth skein of yarn for just a few inches.


Altogether, the project was a great success! I had never knitted something so enormous before and was very proud of my accomplishment.

Before I’d finished the shawl, my friend Beth taught me how to crochet. She was a patient teacher and mentor and, despite my initial (and profound) frustration, I managed to create a scarf for my friend Pat.


For the scarf I used 2 skeins, or 710 yards, of Amethyst (#292) “I Love This Yarn!” (Hobby Lobby has despicable politics but it’s the craft store closest to my house.)


I was searching YouTube for beginner crochet projects when I found this pattern. You’re supposed to use thick yarn and huge needles to make a baby blanket, but I just wanted to practice stitches. It’s a simple series of double crochets. Like she said in the video, I was pretty good at double crochet by the time I was done!


Before I attempted the scarf, though, I started with dishclothes by following these instructions. For both projects I used an H hook, even though the yarn package said to use an I. The final dimensions of the scarf were 10″ by 58″.


Truth be told, I like crocheting more than knitting. It is much more forgiving of mistakes and it doesn’t take as much skill to make something that looks fancy.

Thanks to Jo and Beth for their encouragement and inspiration!