My human mom takes photos of beautiful me. Er…I mean… beautiful photos of me.

My human mom takes photos of beautiful me. Er… I mean… beautiful photos of me.

Dear Shilo,

If Jill, a mere dog, could break into your blog, I decided I, too, would rise to the challenge. It was trickier for me than for her, undoubtedly, since I live many hundreds of miles away, but fortunately for me I am a demon and could put my demonic powers to good use.

Nothing new to report here. The humans continue to refuse my demands for a feline-friendly can opener so I am relegated to eating tuna on their schedule, not mine. They decline to let the birds at the feeders fly into the house where I could more fruitfully chase them. To compensate for these slights, I slip out the garage door when I can and enjoy a small glimpse of freedom before they catch me and toss me, unfeeling, back into their prison-like lair. It’s painful to feel my greatness so thoroughly stifled.

Hope you’re faring better with your humans.


Cousin L. Demon Guy

Photo credit: QAW, October 3, 2013