"Walking" across the street.

“Walking” across the street.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today is a good day. When Ellie came over, I ate my dinner quickly and was ready right away to walk back across the street. Well, maybe ‘walk’ isn’t the right word. I would scamper and prance for a few stepsĀ and then toss my body on the ground for a belly rub. We made pretty slow progress but I got a lot of attention, so I was happy.

When we got across the street I alerted Ellie to the presence of small dogs, the kind she calls ‘cats,’ in her house. I stood under the kitchen window where the one named Shilo was sitting and barked while he stared at me with those mysterious and inscrutable eyes. I could tell Ellie appreciated my vigilance and felt that I had earned my keep.



P.S. I’m starting to wonder if maybe those “cat” creatures aren’t dogs at all but instead some completely different animal. They’re much stranger than any dog I’ve ever met!