I have your undivided attention! Just the way I like it!

Finally, I have your undivided attention! Just the way I like it!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Did you know that not all houses are surrounded by wooden stakes and wire? That’s something I’ve learned while you’ve been away! The other day Tom opened the side door and I slipped out, just like Mona does sometimes. I ran up toward the road, just like I do at home, but at the house across the street there’s nothing between the yard and the pavement! I was really confused. I stood there for a few seconds and then made a beeline to my – er, our – house. It was easy enough for Tom to grab me in the driveway and walk me back across the street.

Nothing like an adventure, huh? Speaking of adventures, last night my cousins and I successfully scared coyotes away from the house! Without us, Tom and Ellie would have been overrun by those feral beasts. Ellie came over this evening to feed me and stuck around while I picked at my dinner. Then while she was on the sofa, reading about Monroe Lake, I crawled up on her lap, then inched my way onto her chest. That was nice. She gave me lots of pets and belly rubs. Although my cousins across the street are fun to visit, I like being an only dog the best. Sharing humans with other animals is no fun.