It's not home, but it'll do.

It’s not home, but it’ll do.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yesterday I realized you aren’t coming home right away. I also realized that crying by the side door doesn’t mean you’ll come get me. Where did you go? I like it here, but I really miss you!

You wouldn’t have been able to tell how much I long for you when I came across the street tonight, though. Ellie fed me dinner at 5:30 (which, by the way, I merely sniffed at before disappearing into the basement) and then left me all alone. Can you believe it? I’d already spent the whole day alone! When she came back, reeking of sunscreen and lake water, it was nearly 10 o’clock. I was so happy to see her that I peed all over the kitchen floor. Then when we got to her house I made a beeline for Tom, who was laying on the sofa. I peed all over the sofa, too. I was a little embarrassed about that but Ellie said it was time to wash the slipcovers, anyway.

Like I said, I do really like it here. There are humans to cuddle with and comfy places to sleep. Ellie says I’m still well-behaved. She also says you probably think she’s just being polite when she tells you I’m a good dog, but it’s really true! I’m quiet and hardly cause any trouble. For example, I stopped barking at the cats all the time and only chase Shilo when he wants to play. It’s different at home, though. This morning Ellie and Mona walked me across the street and as soon as we got into the yard I started barking. Inside the house, before I knew it, I’d cornered Mona in the back bathroom. I don’t know what got into me!