Since Shilo's not using his blog I'm borrowing it to write a letter to my parents while they're on vacation!

Since Shilo’s not using his blog I’m borrowing it to write a letter to my parents while they’re on vacation!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you worry about me when you’re away but you don’t have to! I’m doing great and having lots of fun playing with my cousins. Ellie says I’m a good guest and that I’m well-behaved, polite, and subdued. I know that’s hard for you to believe, but it’s true! When she brought me over yesterday I even rolled onto my back to let Jarrard sniff my belly. Being submissive once in a while is OK.

There are some strange looking dogs in the house across the street. They are small and make high-pitched squeaking noises. At first I wasn’t interested in them at all. Sometimes Jarrard and Koko would go crazy barking and running around the house. It looked like fun so I joined in, but to tell the truth I wasn’t exactly sure what we were barking at and chasing. Eventually I realized we were going after those strange dogs! Ellie calls them cats. A cat must be a kind of dog, just like how I’m a collie and Mona’s a husky.

Last night I slept on the floor right beside the bed, the same as Mona and Koko. This morning there was a big thunderstorm but I hardly even noticed. You would have been proud! I laid on the bed with my head on Ellie’s legs and dozed through all the horrible noises outside. One of the cats, the talkative black one, stretched out next to me. Jarrard was so frightened of the crashes in the sky that his trembling made the whole bed shake. I tried to be a good example for him by being brave.

Now I’m back in my – er, your – house while Ellie works at the lake. I can’t wait until she gets home, feeds me supper, and takes me back across the street to play some more!